Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, We Could Actually Be "Car Free"....

We have been practicing to go car free since '09 I suppose, although neither of us ever expected us to BE car free. That may in fact become the case. With my elbow and wrist issues our current vehicle "Crabby" is undrivable with her 5 speed transmission and no power steering. She has given us her best years for the short time we have had her, but, alas it is time to part ways. Her registration is due this month and I am sending her in as PNO (Planned Non Operation) - most assuredly no one will be driving her and we may be able to part her out. That being said, our son may be relocating and thereby leaving us indeed, car free. I am looking forward to this scenario, although it truly depends on how my rehab goes (my first surgery is scheduled this month) as to how far I can ride Rose one handed. If in fact it is too much of an effort, then public transportation will be called upon. I for one am hoping that the way I sit on Rose and the fact that there is no balancing involved while riding on a recumbent trike, that I will be able to happily pedal along with my right arm in a sling as we do our errands....hmmm, stay tuned indeed!!

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