Friday, November 18, 2011

About Being Car Free...A Quick Update

Well, since my surgery authorization has taken so long to get here and I start class just a few weeks after my surgeries, we realized the reality of my commuting to class on Rose was not going to happen - not my first semester at any rate. We did manage to get an automatic transmission SUV,  so, driving to class and therapy appointments while in rehab will be very manageable.

I Have My Date With The Surgeon Set.!!

Well, after 16 months in the California Workers Compensation System, I have a surgery date to have my Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel injuries fixed. If you remember, the pain I suffer from when trying to ride an upright (DF) bike is the reason I switched to a recumbent style bike. The surgery and impending extended rehab of the surgeries needed, is the reason I went with a 'bent trike. I have been practicing riding with my right arm in my lap while we do our almost daily rides to the Post Office. This has been my way of learning to ride while having my arm in a sling and unusable on the trike, so, one armed riding will not be a problem!! (of course, I have not been practicing daily chores one handed - I'm right handed and that is the one first up for surgery). So, on December 1st, I will travel  to here for my surgery  4 procedures will be done - 2 each on my right elbow and on my right hand/wrist. My suture removal will be on 12/12, presumably.

I plan on posting  about my day at the center and getting some pics snapped by the staff before they wrap me up to send me home, so, you all can look forward to that next exciting post - of course, that may take some time to type one handed !!

Rose has A New Look...

Well, I have stripped Rose of all the external add-ons - rack and fenders and I added her first flag! Here's a pic of her with the new flag: