Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My thoughts On Riding A Recumbent Trike...

 Well, it has been two months since I was lucky enough to get my first recumbent trike - Rose.  I had never ridden a recumbent before, be it a 'bent two wheeler or a three wheeled trike, so it was to be an experience for sure. I had read all the stories about the "trike grin" on this recumbent cycling forum , yet I did not know what to expect. My needs for getting a trike differed greatly from the majority of the bentrider forum members it seemed, however I was sure I would find the much lauded "trike grin". I took to riding Rose as I rode my utility beast two wheeled upright bike - I rode Rose as a matter of transportation need - not for fun and enjoyment although I do get that from riding a bike in general. I still ride as a matter of need and have yet to find the trike grin on my face - although I do smile when riding but, that is primarily because I am out riding with my dear wife, Wanda!
So, the differences in riding a low 'bent trike - well the most noticeable difference is the line of sight you have for traffic. Those corners that I could see around for oncoming traffic became a challenge because I was now at the same height as the bushes that bordered the road - now, I have experienced riding a bike on busy streets back when I was doing long training rides so, riding the trike on the streets was not an issue, nor was being at fender level to cars. My only issue is the same that many others find themselves facing, particularly those that are experienced riding road bikes and then move to a 'bent for whatever reason - that issue is a matter of strength and endurance when you first start out on a 'bent bike or trike. It's called "getting your 'bent legs" and everyone goes through the process regardless of fitness level.  An additional fun learning curve on a trike is the matter that you need to "spin" a lot, trikes are very much susceptible to minor/moderate grade changes in the road and in order to keep a nice moderate pace you need to shift regularly and keep spinning at a pretty substantial cadence (it helps to have the correct cycling shoes in order to spin as needed, btw). The bottom line is - I am very happy with my transition to the recumbent trike world and very happy with my trike Rose!!

On the other hand there is an event going on this weekend Oct 21, 22 and 23. This Sunday is the day the public gets to run around at the first recumbent convention.
I will be going and with any luck I will be meeting other members from the bentrider forum - I'll have my trike with me just in case we have an impromptu trike gathering and ride while we are all there! I will report on the convention in my next post!

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Mark said...

Shifting and spinning is what it's all becomes second nature. Have fun!!