Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Week And A Half Later...

Well, just made the third run to the recycler guy this morning! We have it worked out that on recycling days we can get the other needed chores done then start our ride to the Post Office and recycle center a little later, that gets us to the recycle guy when he opens at 9:00am!! Pulling the trailer with Rose is definitely an eye opener as to the nuances of drag and resistance and how a recumbent trike reacts. It is truly a workout for me to pull the trailer to the center, very minor grade all the way for 5 miles, and with me just on my second week of recumbent trike riding, I do "huff and puff" a bit!! The recumbent trike is such an amazing machine, I am so happy to be back riding without any pressure on my elbows at all - it has brought the joy and fun back to being out riding again with Wanda! I can hardly wait as we build our strength back up to do our Stater Bros. runs - don't know if that will happen this winter, but we will see!!

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