Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Utility Run of 2012!!

It may well have taken us until the start of the 2nd month of this new year, however we did do our first utility run - to the recycler dude! I always get a kick out of seeing the big SUV gas guzzlers parked at the recycle place. Out here we ride 5.5 miles one way to bring a bag of plastic to recycle and there may even be a closer one to us, so the people in the SUV's are more than likely burning more fuel than the money they will get for the bags of beer bottles they bring. Well, to each their own.

I love the fact that we do our utility trips via pedal power!! I look forward to the day when we pull out of the driveway with trailer in tow heading to town to do a grocery run - those runs are some of the most fulfilling trips we have ever done, period! One thing we most certainly are going to do this year is to do more of our shopping at the local fruit stands here in Littlerock. Yes, the fruit may cost a bit more than in the Stater Bros. but, we are going to make a conscious effort this year to stick with the locally grown and thereby less processed (hopefully) fruits and vegetables available to us. We also plan on starting the plans for a raised garden in our expansive backyard. The home growing of our own organic veggies may bring rise to a blog that will share our exploits and successes/failures of our home gardening adventures, just an fyi!!

Here's a pic of Rose waiting to go to the recycler this morning!!: