Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Time

Well, it is official - I am now on TTD (Temporary Total Disability) with my Worker's Compensation (WC) case. My employer let me work on modified duty for 92 days then pulled the plug on that and sent me home. Man, now the stress really kicks in. For those of you unfamiliar with WC, here in CA it is a big pay cut when you go on the biweekly benefits - although they would have you believe it should be close to the same as your normal check because the benefit $$ are 2/3 of your weekly average gross for the past 52 weeks, and untaxed - it rarely is. So, we won't find out how thrifty we will have to be until the first check. This could go on for a maximum 104 weeks, my case is going through the appeal system - it was denied - so, I've been waiting since July to get my elbows/wrists fixed.

 The cool thing is, not being able to pedal is making me very hungry to get back out there, regardless of how far into the future it is!!

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