Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some Not Really New, News...

Well, here it is April and I have an update on my Workers Comp case. I went to my AME (Agreed Medical Evaluator) this morning and he is moving my case forward to get my benefits back and get my elbows/wrists fixed. This is good news! My previous PTP (Primary Treating Physician) stopped his treatment of me without actually doing anything and thus my benefits were cut off back in December. So funding our existence has been interesting at best since I haven't had an actual pay check since Nov '10.

Our touring plans are still on, and we are still looking to see which 'trike will be the one for me...I can't wait to get back out spinning - saw Stage 4 of 'Tour of the Basque Country' on Universal Sports, made me wish I was out there. Oh well, all in due time. Once we know my surgery schedule and figure out the finances we will be able to look real hard at a 'trike. I'll keep ya posted!

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