Monday, July 26, 2010

Made The Decision On A Trike!!

Yep, gonna pull the trigger probably next week  on this bad boy.  Not the Catrike, no. I have been doing reading and reading and have decided that the overall impressions of current owners and others, that this T1A will be just fine. It cost about 60% less than the Catrike Expedition, but has all of the same features. Some minor upgrades are required, but they will not amount to a substantial amount of money; so, the T1A is it! Very excited about the trike and completely scared to death about my impending surgery-yeah, I know. Honestly, having the ability to ride without pain while I am rehabbing/recuperating will be a big boost to my mental health, so, it has to be done, for my own sanity. I have posted on several forums about one handed steering on the trike and all the input is favorable, I won't really know if the motion of steering will hurt my still bad elbow, until I get the trike home and try it. Hopefully, it will be all good. I'll post when I order and when I get it back from Chuck at Gil's.

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