Thursday, June 24, 2010

There May Be A Third Wheel In Our Future...

Wanda and I have been deeply discussing my upcoming elbow surgeries (yep, plural, I have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in both) and have realized that in order to keep riding, which we love so much, I am going to need to switch to a recumbent trike. I had never even considered a recumbent - being basically a "roadie" from back in the day, 'bents' were an oddity, not a real bike as it were; well at least that was my mentality back then. So, we are looking at trikes and are learning about them. One thing we have learned is that I will need to ride one with Under Seat Steering (USS). USS has the controls that keeps your hands low and there is very little to no pressure on the elbows; at least not the immense pressure that you get when on an upright bike - kind of important for me. There are also two types of steering we are learning - direct and linkage. As in most things, the type of steering is a personal preference, I like what I have read about linkage so we have narrowed our search to one model, for the most part. Here is the one we really like. We have looked and looked and Catrike seems to make a very well respected product, and it is strong enough to be used for touring which is our primary goal. I am busy reading journals from folks that have been touring on trikes and it is very exciting, I wish I had my trike and we were gearing up to head out on our first overnight! Can't wait for that day to get here!!

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