Friday, June 11, 2010

After A Brief "Life Interlude", We Are Back!

Yep, life took a hold of us and we had some pressing things to get done, but, the good news is we are getting back in the saddles!! We finally got the much needed software (ImageMixer 3) that our Hitachi camcorder needs to download the video, so, my much anticipated fun of doing a video blog is closer than ever! This weekend I plan on working on our current dog trailer to make it more suitable for the heat out here, hopefully we will take Pepper out on Monday and I can share the video (knock on wood). I have to put the home made frame hitch back on my MotoCruiser - it didn't quite work out on the TR 101; plus the MC has the camera mount I made. Speaking of the TR 101- I love the bike, I truly do! It is everything I had hoped it would be, and it pulls a loaded trailer really, really well. We are still exploring the lighting dilemma; we haven't really come up with which system we want to use... I really want us to to do some twilight/dusk to dark rides (the cool times out here) , but I will be just as happy if we start early morning twilight/sunrise rides (equally as cool). We shall see.

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