Friday, April 2, 2010

The Touring Bike Becomes... Touring Rig!!

We did our homework on what type of panniers to get for my TR 101 and came up with the Avenir Excursion set - just got them in the mail, pretty cool, can't wait to get them on! Finally the stress of riding around without support out here will be gone, well not without support actually - I did wear a cargo pack on my belt that weighed 10 lbs. it seemed... I have a complete tool set in the box on the front of my trailer, but when I don't pull the trailer, we are kinda left without a lot of support. Wanda's Allant has the Bontrager Aramids on it and the TR 101 has the Kenda Kwest kevlar tires, but still, I will feel a lot better having a full tire kit in the panniers from now on. We also need to upgrade to Slime tubes for both bikes, we already have her TriCross and my MotoCruiser with Slime tubes, so the whole family needs 'em. We are looking at the Topeak RoadMorphG pump for the panniers, can't have enough bike pumps in the house! The next upgrade is a front basket for the Allant... when I have pics of the panniers mounted I'll post them.

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