Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nice Day Of Errand Running... No Pics Though.

Well, we had a very nice Monday of errand riding through East Palmdale yesterday, a total of 29 miles logged with our usual 4 stops for stuff. The people on the Eastside are getting used to seeing us out with the trailer in tow it seems. I even had one guy come up to me when I was outside the Stater Bros. (Wanda was taking her turn shopping) and asked if we weren't the couple he had seen 3 miles earlier!! I told him yes, that was us - he was somewhat amazed when I told him what we do and where we came from, 9 miles from where we were right then. We are getting more and more waves and nods of the head, we even saw another guy pulling a kids trailer with his daughter in it right after we headed out for the day! People are getting curious and with the weather eventually turning warmer I hope we see more and more out on bikes and I hope we get to talk to more people about going car lite. Wanda and I consider ourselves as Ambassadors for Utility Biking as we always take care to follow the rules and show people driving by that cyclists aren't always a hassle to deal with on the roads. Both of us look forward to every day that we get out and do our errands by bike instead of car, next week we may even have to brave some rainy weather, Wanda says she's up for that, maybe.

We did 2 rides today, just local ones - one just for some miles around the neighborhood, the other one was our Tuesday ride to the P.O.- Netflix day - we used it as a chance  for Wanda to get more time pulling the dog trailer with her Allant. Our next milestone is still going to Costco when I'm on vacation in the end of April - that will be a 40+ mile day!! Very exciting!

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