Friday, January 27, 2012

Rehab Update...

Thought I'd give a brief update on the status of my right wrist/hand and my right elbow, post surgery. I have been to 12 PT appointments, those have primarily focused on my hand and consisted of stretching exercises. They have also been giving me the electric stimulus along my forearm and the message of both scar lines. So far, there are some days the exercises really make my hand hurt and the messages really take their toll on me - my elbow is really sensitive still. All part of it, but I would much rather go through this recovery pain and have full use of both hands and elbows in 20 years than not have the use of them. That is for sure. I see my surgeon on the 3rd of February for his post op evaluation; I'll post his thoughts that following weekend. I have to go see the AME in the end of March to re-evaluate my condition for the Insurance Company in my Workers Comp case...don't know what they think will have changed on my left side, but, jump through the hoops we will!!

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