Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lights for Rose!!

I have been tirelessly scouring forums and sites looking for the "perfect" set up of lights for the trike in order for me to "be seen" as much as I feel I need to in order to ride on our roads out here in the daytime. Our last visit to Costco ended with me bringing home a 3 pack of Tech Lite Lumen Master 200 lumen flashlights. Well, I had read about the benefits of using small, multi mode flashlights as trike lights, so, the price was right and so was the lumen level. I also discovered that I could use the pack of mini reflectors I had as different colored lenses!! Yep, now I have the amber front strobe lights and red strobes in the rear!! This is my starter set up, I will adapt it as I go...but I am happy to have lights on for the time being!!

1 comment:

GF said...

I know that when I was riding with you... I could always see those two front Amber lights. I bet the rear lights do just as well!