Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gave It A Shot.

Four months post-op from my right hand/wrist and right elbow surgery, I gave in to the need to see how my right hand and elbow felt riding my KHS TR 101. I strapped the panniers back on it and rode it on our usual 12 mile trip to the Post Office and park. It had been 10 months since I had last ridden it, and, truth be known it can be a few more months until I ride it again. The scar on my right wrist/palm area is very tender and any weight on it becomes very uncomfortable. I do think though after some more time and with thicker padded cycling gloves and if I change the drop bars to trekking bars, the probability of me being back in the saddle on a DF is really good. That is of course after my left hand/wrist and left elbow get through the surgery and post-op phase. On that note, I had a visit with my surgeon last week and my pre-op visit for the left side is the week of Memorial Day, so, the actual surgery could be done this summer or at least by the end of summer perhaps!

The end of April brings a birthday to me and my participation in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure ride in Long Beach which will be done on the trike - there will be video from that ride and I will post it once it is available. If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, please feel free, just follow the link!!

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