Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Water Bag And Thoughts About 2012....

First things first, here is my new Camelbak Unbottle that my dear wife gave me for Christmas:
 I love this thing!! It fits perfectly on the side of my seat, as you can see, and the sipper hose is long enough to reach - seriously, the perfect gift from a perfect wife!! Thank you Shmoopie!!

The year started out pretty crazy for us with the challenges of dealing with my W/C case; in the Spring we started riding again, but riding on my TR 101 became such an adventure in agony for me, that the rides became sporadic at best. That all changed when I got 'Rose' in August!! Man, what a difference riding the trike has issues with elbow pain and I can ride it one handed when needed...woohoo!!

2012 will bring some new challenges and some changes to our lifestyle - I start classes January 3rd as I take the journey toward a 2 year AOS degree in Sustainable Energy Technology. It will also bring some challenges in the way of 2 organized rides I am planning on doing. The first is the ADA Tour de Cure Ship to Shore charity ride in Long Beach, CA. in April. I have joined a team of other trike riders to ride the full 100 mile ride, should be a fun and exciting time - my first 'century' ride!! Then in August I am planning on riding the Cool Breeze Century in Ventura - this is just a fun ride organized by a cycling club. So, with those goals in mind, my fitness level has to get raised - about time to make some diet and exercise changes, definitely. And, of course I have my ongoing physical therapy treatments to get my right wrist and elbow back to 100% after the surgery and then they will work on the left side.

2012 looks to be an exciting time for us, I'll keep everyone updated - Happy New Year to you all!!!

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