Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Car Free Errands & "The Trailer"...

So far we have eliminated driving to our local errands - the Littlerock Post Office (10 miles round trip with a side stop at the local park on the way); grocery runs to the East Palmdale Stater Bros. (18 miles round trip) and the big one - the dog food run to High Country Feed in Palmdale (28 miles round trip w/ 2 bags - 70 lbs. minimum run). We are in a rural area, so our errands are a little longer than most folks, but, it's all about eliminating the car runs and having a good time doing the errands.

Here is the final version of my homemade  utility flat bed trailer:

It's all aluminum and with the SmartBin on it weighs about 30 lbs.

I pull the trailer with my '84 Sweetheart Cycles Motocruiser that has been customized from my former racing days, here she is:

The whole concept of living the utility cycling way of life is very exciting - doing our part to help the planet out and getting our exercise at the same time! Both my wife and I are really looking forward to the time when we are out touring on our bikes... that will be really exciting!!

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